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Nick Cave: Fantastic Sound Suits Combine Art/Costume/Dance

Nick Cave's Fantastic Sound Suits Combine Art with Costume Design with Dance!

"Whether Nick Cave's efforts qualify as fashion, body art or sculpture ... they fall squarely under the heading of Must Be Seen to Be Believed." —Roberta Smith, New York Times

"... This man’s creativity and exuberant inventive spirit are a revelation and an inspiration to all aspiring artists!
BRAVO Nick Cave!..."

Words... or even still photos... are inadequate to describe the awesome combination of art + costume design + motion that Chicago's dancer/ performance artist/ designer/ educator / and sound suit wizard Nick Cave conjures up with his fantastic creations.

Here are just some of the comments these amazing creations have evoked:

"...This film (with extraordinarily well fit music) made me HAPPY! Nick Cave is a Godlike fiber and performance artist. ..."

"... Just saw these suits at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. Amazing technique -- church bazaar doilies meet Lesage couture embroideries in mummers costumes on acid. All done with a sure artist's hand. A must-see if you can in the flesh. Wonderful to see them in motion here...."

"... Just saw Nick's incredible pieces at Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco last night. WOWOWOWOW! They took my breath away and the giant multicolor mandala wall piece literally brought tears to my eyes. I have to go back and see these delicious sculptures again and again!..."

"... WOW! You go along with your life and don't even know things like this exist! This has made me happier and more full of wonder than I have been in literally years. What a god this man is! And Radiohead too. wow...."

The above comments give you some idea of what to expect when you view the following YouTube video!

An Interview with Nick Cave... How he built his first sound suit by collecting twigs. "... I didn't know it was a 'sound suit' until I actually put it on..."


Nick Caves Sound Suits at Fowler Museum

Fowler Museum presents 'Nick Cave: Meet Me at the Center of the Earth,' Jan 10–May 30, 2010

"Nick Cave: Meet Me at the Center of the Earth," on display at the Fowler Museum at UCLA from Jan. 10 through May 30, 2010, is the largest presentation of work by the Chicago-based artist, featuring 35 of his "Soundsuits" — multilayered, mixed-media sculptures named for the sounds made when the "suits" are performed.

"The exhibition's opening night party will be held Saturday, Jan. 9, and will feature music by KCRW's Jason Bentley.

"Evocative of African, Caribbean and other ceremonial ensembles, as well as haute couture, Cave's work explores issues of transformation, ritual, myth and identity through a layering of references and virtuosic construction, using materials as varied as yarn, beads, sequins, bottle caps, vintage toys, rusted iron sticks, twigs, leaves and hair.

"Mad, humorous, visionary, glamorous and unexpected, the Soundsuits are created from scavenged, ordinary materials and objects from both nature and culture, which Cave recontextualizes into extraordinary works of art. The Fowler is the first Los Angeles–area museum to feature Cave's work and the only Southern California venue for this traveling exhibition..."

CLICK HERE for the rest of the story (From U.C.L.A. press release)


Nick Cave’s exhibit of ‘Soundsuits’ at the Fowler Museum ".... moves beyond identity and the familiar "... Cave’s work also evokes African, Carnival and Mardi Gras masquerade traditions, giving it a global context and historical connection, In these masquerades, the suits often took on a spiritual purpose such as driving evil spirits away. Sometimes, however, it’s just plain fun. Some of Cave’s suits resemble Pac-Man or an astronaut, others the miter of a bishop, and many take on an animal-like appearance. One sculptural setting in the exhibit shows little beavers building a dam, with old sweaters serving as logs...."

Another group of Nick Cave Sound Suits


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