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Free Spring Break Trips.  Free Winter Break Trips.

Earn a Free Spring Break Trip by Promoting and Organizing Spring Break Vacations with Their Fellow College Students. Top Spring Break Promoters Can Also Earn as much as $10,000 in Cash from Some Agencies. 

Are you short of cash, but want to go on a Spring Break or Winter Break Trip?

Here are the top Spring Break and Winter Break Travel Specialists... all in one spot... so you can choose the best opportunity for you.

Our Featured Free Spring Break Trip Program: .. "has the perfect job for students who want to travel free for Spring Break and earn cash. The College Campus Representative position allows us to reward our Reps for their work."

Are you a natural born leader? Are you the Life of the Party? And are you considered That Guy or That Girl on campus that not only knows everyone, but that everyone knows? If you like to work hard and play even harder, the Campus Manager position may be the perfect college job for you!


Inertia Tours

"Our Campus Marketing Rep positions are a great way to learn first hand marketing & sales with one of the largest student travel tour companies in the United States. Sell fun – sell spring break! In today’s tough job market, Inertia Tours is hiring for this position and it is a great way to build your resume for full time employment after graduation.  Our Reps work independently on their campus (as well as surrounding ones) promoting our travel packages to students.

"Whether you are in a fraternity or sorority, have a group of friends that want to go, or want to promote our trips to everyone, this is a great opportunity to go free on spring break this year.

"Inertia provides our Reps with complimentary marketing materials (5 to 6 different kind of spring break beach & ski flyers), a quick start guide to selling the trips, and free phone sales support. We couple this with great pay & travel benefits with flexible hours.

"For every traveler over the 15, you will receive as compensation $25 per person in cash

Bianchi-Rossi Tours

Trips Sold Compensation
12 - 14
$25 per trip sold
Free Trip *
16 - 25
$20 per trip + Free Trip *
$25 per trip + Free Trip *
by Thanksgiving You and a guest are cordially invited to the
B-R Tours Private Yacht Party Exclusively for our Reps! (Acapulco Only)
No Deadline Receive a FREE Entrance into the Sr. Frogs Party!
(an $18 value) (Acapulco Only)


Say Jane Doe has sold 34 trips (Ya hoo for Jane!)

  • Well, for selling 15 trips, Jane has earned a FREE TRIP! ($760 Value)
  • For selling trips in the 16-25 category (10 trips at $20 per trip), Jane now has a FREE TRIP plus $200 Cash! 
  • For selling trips in the 26+ category (8 trips at $25 per trip) Jane now has a FREE TRIP + $200 +$200 Cash! 

A total value of $1,150!  Plus, she could’ve also earned a bunch of incentives as mentioned above!

Not only has Jane sold a bunch of trips and earned a ton of cash to spend on her SPRING BREAK OF A LIFETIME, but she also will be getting at least 3 nights of VIP- ROCK STAR treatment while on Spring Break with Bianchi-Rossi Tours.

*Note: compensation subject to change. Consult Bianchi-Rossi website for current rates.

And what exactly is Bianchi-Rossi Tours ROCK STAR treatment ........

Rock Star VIP Bonuses (Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas Only) Our World Famous VIP service is awarded to our hard working, deserving Reps. Just by selling 15 or more trips, you and your friends will qualify to receive priority booth seating at one of our 5 World Renowned Nightclubs, including Private Server and room for 10 or more of your friends. We will make you feel like the ULTIMATE Rock star!!

Also the #1 Seller of your week of Spring Break will receive VIP Service ALL WEEK LONG!!

Sell us trips…… 
And we will SPOIL YOU ROTTEN!!!

Each night that you are treated to a VIP booth at one of the World Famous Clubs, you are getting an added bonus because you didn’t have to pay for your booth! Each booth starts anywhere from $150-$200. Tack on that bonus to Jane Doe’s sales, and she is receiving over $1700 just by selling a few trips to her friends! Not bad...

Sign up to be a campus rep and...

• earn easy cash.
• earn TWO free trips!
• gain valuable resume experience.

"We are looking for personable and motivated students to help us promote Spring Break travel packages. We compensate our reps with cash commissions and free trips.

"We provide all the promotional materials free of charge. You will never have to pay for anything, regardless of the number of trips you sell. For this reason, we seek only committed reps.

"Your job is to post Spring Break flyers on bulletin boards on your campus. When someone takes one down and books a trip for their group you get credit for the sale (We custom imprint each flyer with your code so you will always get credit for flyers you put up). Unlike other companies, with SpringBreakDirect you'll get paid for every trip you sell!"

Trips Sold














 $225 or 2 free trips













Commissions are retroactive. Group Organizers Travel Free

"... If your group contains 12 or more travelers, you'll get a discount that you can apply to one or more trips. If your group contains 16 or more travelers, you can travel with your group to Spring Break for nothing, nada, zilch!..." also offers other employment opportunities at the Campus and Regional levels.

Student Travel Services

The Campus Rep Opportunity
Sell Trips, Earn Cash... Go Free

Whether you want to organize a trip for your group of friends or the entire school, STS can help you make it a reality.

The STS Campus Rep program is challenging, rewarding and most of all, fun. During your time with STS, you will learn valuable skills that will help prepare you for the road ahead while providing you the opportunities to meet great people and see new places.

A position with STS isn't just a job… it's a lifestyle.

Top STS Reps have made over $15,000 working part time in a semester. After graduation, STS Reps have moved on to become successful entrepreneurs, managers, and marketing executives. Some reps continue their careers with STS here in our corporate office as Sales Representatives, Regional Sales Managers, Promotions Managers and Destination Managers.

Additional Resources for Free Travel

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Teachers Travel Free Leading Educational Trips. Cash stipends often available.

Travel Free as a Church Tour Leader Earn a free trip or cruise or pilgrimage... and in some cases earn as much as $10,000 per trip for you or your church by organizing and leading a tour.

Travel Free and Earn Cash as a College Campus Rep.  Promote Spring Break Travel on your campus, and earn trips and cash. 

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