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Free Travel. Stipends.


Passports recognizes the valuable contributions of its group organizers not only with careful and congenial support, not only with free travel, but with generous professional stipends and benefits payable as a function of group size.

Free travel The basic benefit: travel free anywhere in the world with six (6) full-paying participants.

Earn generous cash stipends or extra free spots for co-counselors for more than six (6) participants. It's possible for one group organizer to earn over $10,000 in addition to the free trip!

Travel free with five. Didn't quite get the six (6) students? Not to worry, passports first-timers can travel free with five (5). Certain restrictions apply.

Family and faculty discount Spouses, children and faculty members travel at a 20% discount.


Group Leaders Travel FREE
At ACIS we know our group leaders are our most important asset. Without your hard work and commitment we would not be able to offer these extraordinary travel opportunities. To say thanks, we award you one free trip on your tour for every six passengers you enroll. First-time ACIS group leaders travel free with only five full-paying passengers. Plus, earn a second trip for free with a total of 11 full-paying participants (and another for every additional six enrolled thereafter). Click here to receive a free catalog and registration materials.

You can also receive cash stipends for participants over 6... which can be quite sizeable depending on the cost of the trip and the number of participants. 

Anemos Tour Group  Greece, Mediterranean, Caribbean, Turkey, Egypt, Malta, Italy, Spain. Student tours. Adventure Tours.

How would you like to cruise for Free? You can! Just organize a group of at least 20 people. Friends, relatives, your company, college, church, parish, organization or club.

Anemos Tours group program can offer Free travel to the leader of a group that books group travel arrangements with Anemos Tours. That means we'd like to encourage any experienced traveler or instructor with a dream destination to consider organizing your own group.

Your Group Counselor will work with you and your group. They will handle all the details for you. Each member of your group gets the same personal service and attention just as if they had booked a tour or cruise on their own. Only in this case they save money. Sometimes hundreds of dollars off the brochure price. We can even provide your group with a Free web page! Start promoting your group's cruise or tour here!

Email  or call 1-718-777-5050 and our team will be happy to explain how to be a great corporate, parish or college representative.

Casterbridge Tours (UK)

"While we cannot guarantee that our quote will necessarily be the cheapest, the most repeated comment by our clients on their Tour Evaluation Forms is that their tour represented excellent value for money. When the overall quality of the tour experience and services are more important than the cheapest price, choose Casterbridge Tours as your travel partner - and group leaders always travel free."

"You, the Group Leader, will always travel free on a Casterbridge Tour. We recognise that in return for your organisational and administrative help and support, we and our suppliers will reward you by offering free travel."


"Faculty, teachers, professors, instructors, group organizes and accompanying persons! is very interested in providing a complimentary trip to Cuba for each of those people who do all the work in order to build a tour with our collaboration and recruit the group to make the trip a success. We therefore make every effort to assure that the person(s) who is responsible for the group is on-the-spot in Cuba free of charge and works closely with our Cuban partners to make sure that everything goes smoothly, even though it is the responsibility of".

"In Cuba, all escorts will be in daily contact throughout the trip with the most professional bilingual Cuban guides and instructors."

"We therefore have a very flexible complimentary trip policy. It depends on each group, and it is on request according to the needs of the person or persons doing the work to build the group and the tour. We can work the complimentary trip into any type of group trip, and irrespective of the size. Our minimum group requests allow for fifteen people. There is no maximum."

Encore Tours

Encore Tours™ is the performance division of ACIS Educational Tours, the quality leader in educational travel since 1978. Encore Tours customizes each performance tour, creating the perfect balance between rehearsals, performances and sightseeing. Let Encore Tours bring your choral, instrumental, dance or theater group to the world stage today!

Whether you're a choir or band, dance troupe or orchestra, Encore Tours™ can design a customized performance tour that meets all your performing objectives. On an Encore tour, your ensemble enjoys dynamic performance venues and guaranteed audiences. So come explore and experience firsthand the birthplace of the world's most inspiring music, art, dance and literature.

Group Leaders Travel FREE. Encore accommodates each group's individual need for chaperones. FREE trips are rewarded to group leaders based on a specially created free-trip ratio; for a certain number of registered passengers, free trips are offered to your chaperones. We are happy to discuss your many options and help you commit to a ratio that works for you and your group.

Earn A Cash Stipend In addition to FREE travel, you can earn cash stipends. These stipends are calculated according to the number of people who travel with you and the cost of the trip you choose. Call your Encore Tours Representative at 1.877.460.3801 to discuss the details!

Referral Bonus If you refer a group leader in your department or community to Encore Tours and a travel group forms - enjoy a Referral Bonus! (If you refer someone who takes 25 or more people on a trip, you earn $1,000!)

EF Tours: Global Rewards Free Travel
As a first-time group leader you will travel FREE by signing up just FIVE tour participants. On subsequent trips, you'll travel free by signing up just SIX tour participants. And with every additional six students you recruit, you'll win a second, third, even fourth place for colleagues, friends, and spouses to join you! It's our way of rewarding you for the valuable work you do as a group leader. If you don't recruit six participants, you can still travel at a discount.

ETrav Educational Travel Alliance

  • A Free Trip: It's not only free for Group Leaders with 6 travelers. Additional travelers mean free trips for others, or a cash stipend for you.
  • Single Rooms: One free single room for each group.
  • Experience Bonus: Your experience means cash for you.
  • International Conferences: Earn attendance at
    Free International Conferences.

  • Teacher Conferences: If another trip abroad is not what you need, earn airline tickets to a domestic professional conference instead (eg. foreign language conferences or another in your subject area). Or take advantage of our
    Professional Development Grants.

  • Professional Development: Teachers leading groups on eTrav journeys are eligible to earn professional development credits, and may enroll for courses that offer post-graduate credit through web-based university programs.
  • Referral Bonuses: Referring your colleagues to eTrav could also mean cash for you - or a stay in a European villa!


"Recruit six paying participants, and you don't pay anything for your own trip. Get another six, and a spouse, colleague, or friend travels free. For every six full-paying participants, you earn a free spot on your tour for whomever you choose. First-time Group Leader? You'll get your first free place with only five paying participants.... "

Cash Rewards

"You've got six students and earned your free trip. Now what? Keep recruiting. Enroll additional students and start earning cash. Every full-paying participant not counted toward another free place earns you hard cash.... "

  Tour Fee
  $1100-$1299 $1300-$1499 $1500-$1699 $1700-$1899 $1900-$2099 $2100-$2299 $2300-$2499 $2500-$2699+
1 $110 $130 $150 $170 $190 $210 $230 $250
2 $220 $260 $300 $340 $380 $420 $460 $500
3 $330 $390 $450 $510 $570 $630 $690 $750
4 $440 $520 $600 $680 $760 $840 $920 $1000
5 $550 $650 $750 $850 $950 $1050 $1150 $1250
10 $1100 $1300 $1500 $1700 $1900 $2100 $2300 $2500
20 $2200 $2600 $3000 $3400 $3800 $4200 $4600 $5000

Big Group Bonus

"Lead a large group...  (all on the same tour), and you'll get the biggest rewards we offer."

Travel With Receive an Extra
25 full-paying participants $500 bonus
30 full-paying participants $1,000 bonus
40 full-paying participants $2,000 bonus

"For every additional 10 full-paying participants after 40, you'll get another $500.

Global Travel Alliance

Teachers Travel Free

Travel for free with just six paying participants!

Cruises - One free trip for every ten.

Teacher Referral Bonus

Refer a new group to Global Travel Alliance and receive up to $250 if the group signs up!

Email to refer new groups or for more information.

 Cash Stipends

"As a way of saying thank you for all your hard work in making the trip possible for your group, we'd like to give you a cash stipend to help your incidental travel expenses! Contact your Global Travel Alliance representative for more information. Amounts of stipends vary depending on size of group and trip program."

Grand Classroom

Student Education Travel to the Grand Canyon and the National Parks

"Grand Classroom's mission is to provide a safe, fun and educational experience for all of our travelers, and to provide superior planning and support for the teachers. Our professional staff specializes in National Parks, and will take care of every detail of the trip. We will also provide you with all of the materials needed to introduce and promote the trip; all you need is your enthusiasm and adventuresome spirit!"

Once 15 registrations from your school come in, your trip is free.

Natural Habitat

Student worldwide safaris. Iceland. Amazon. New Zealand. Galapagos. More.  Take 12 students and you and a companion or colleague travel free.

Vagabond Tours

Organizing your group made simple...
"We can help you to easily provide your students and their parents with information about the trip. We will provide you with a customized flyer outlining the itinerary and trip details. You can handle sign-ups however you wish, but we can customize a website specifically for your group departure that will allow students to sign up and pay for their trip on-line! You may access the information on-line at any time. We also offer payment plan options for people who want to make a series of payments rather than a deposit and then one large balance."

Chaperones travel free!
"One free place is offered for every ten paying students."

Enjoy a worry and hassle-free tour...
"A tour escort will be with you throughout the entire tour and will take care of any and all included sightseeing admissions, hotel accommodations or pre-arranged meals. This allows the chaperones to focus on the students and enables them to enjoy the tour without worrying about any of the arrangements."


Visit Canada

VISIT CANADA is a New England-based organization that specializes in the planning of highly structured, educational and cultural tours. They also operate Winged Victory USA (see below).

"VISIT CANADA is North America's leading operator of domestic educational tours for students of foreign languages. We are also America's leading operator of educational tours to Canada."

"VISIT CANADA has operated educational tours for more than 50,000 students, including field trips to Montrιal and Quιbec City for students and teachers of French, band and choral performance tours to Montrιal, Quιbec City, Ottawa and Toronto, general educational and theatre trips to Toronto and Niagara Falls, and beginning in the fall of 2004, VISIT CANADA will offer three- and four-day general educational and class trips to Vancouver, British Columbia."

"VISIT CANADA also specializes in large group trips (of as many as 250 students and teachers), as well as safe and sensible eighth grade trips and senior class trips."

"... our prices will include the cost of one complimentary chaperone for each 10 paying students...."

"If you do decide to make a group reservation with our Company, a confirmation kit, including tour documents, a Group Leaders' Manual, a Parent Meeting Agenda and our copyrighted Safety Manual will be mailed to you within a few days. (Our School Fund raising Manual is also available upon request.) "

"A VISIT CANADA representative will then call you a day or two after it should have arrived to confirm that you have received it, and to explain anything among its contents that you might not understand. "

Winged Victory USA

Winged Victory USA operates General Educational trips to Boston, Chicago, New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC

"... our prices will include the cost of one complimentary chaperone for each 10 paying students...."

"If you do decide to make a group reservation with our Company, a confirmation kit, including tour documents, a Group Leaders' Manual, a Parent Meeting Agenda and our copyrighted Safety Manual will be mailed to you within a few days. (Our School Fund raising Manual is also available upon request.) "

"A Winged Victory representative will then call you a day or two after it should have arrived to confirm that you have received it, and to explain anything among its contents that you might not understand. "


Cheap and Free Travel

Retire in style on a tropical Caribbean Island on $800 a month?  Discover the new "Margaritaville"... and retire in style on your SS check!

Travel Cheap by Exchanging Homes.  You can travel anywhere in the world for the cost of your plane fare or gas ... by setting up a house exchange in advance.  You can even exchange an RV... or an apartment... or a yacht.

Travel for Free as a Tour Leader.  Organize a safari... or a scuba diving tour... or cruise the world. We have found travel agencies who are ACTIVELY seeking tour leaders.  Some of them even provide extensive promotional help... including brochures and websites.

Teachers Travel Free Leading Educational Trips. Cash stipends often available.

Travel Free as a Church Tour Leader  Earn a free trip or cruise or pilgrimage... and in some cases earn as much as $10,000 per trip for you or your church by organizing and leading a tour.

Travel Free and Earn Cash as a College Campus Rep.  Promote Spring Break Travel on your campus, and earn trips and cash. 

Free Trips and Cash as a High School Trip Organizer.  Top organizers earn $10,000.

Free Trips to Israel

Free Gay and Lesbian Travel

Free Travel Directory 

Home Exchange Directory

Article: How to Travel for Free 

Budget Las Vegas Travel Where to find cheap hotels, meals, and entertainment.

Cheap Las Vegas Restaurants  Buffets and other cheap places to dine.

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