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Drugstore and Retail Store Health and Wellness Clinics.

One of the best ways to save money on emergency and routine health care is to utilize one of the growing number of drug or retail-store-based clinics

If you need a flu shot, or a vaccination... or if you suspect a strep throat and need a confirming test and prescription for antibiotic, your best and cheapest bet may be to go to a participating CVS... or Walgreen's... or even Wal-Mart.

As a seemingly heaven-sent answer to the growing problem of emergency room fees and waits escalating out of sight... and the wait for an appointment at a private physician often longer than your pain or illness (and budget!) can bear, the phenomenon of wellness and health clinics showing up at easy-to-access locations like drugstores and major retail chains has emerged.

Not only is your wait to see a nurse/practitioner usually minimal, but the charges for the various services are reasonable and typically printed out in advance.

The News About Drugstore Health and Wellness Clinics

Health Clinics inside Drugstores Treating More Ailments: Walgreens, CVS expanding services to include injections, care for sprains, strains "... Amid the economic downturn and slow growth for retail and outpatient medical-care services, pharmacy giants Walgreen Co. and CVS Caremark Corp. are rolling out specialized services at their in-store clinics, going beyond treatment of routine maladies. Launched over the last four years to care for such simple ailments as ear and sinus infections, strep throat or pink eye, retail clinic operators now are training nurses to do specialized injections for such chronic conditions as osteoporosis and asthma. In addition, they are offering treatments for advanced skin conditions that include removal of warts and skin tags or closing minor wounds. Care for minor "sprains and strains" also is being offered at some retailers, and pilot projects are under way for breathing treatments and special infusions of drugs derived from biotechnology...." CLICK HERE to read the rest of this June 5, 2009 article from The Chicago Tribune.

Mass. Greenlights Drugstore Clinics "... Retail clinics have been showing up around the country in drugstores as well as big retailers like Wal-Mart in the past few years. They’re staffed largely by nurse practitioners, take walk-in patients and handle mundane complaints like sore throats and ear aches...." CLICK HERE to read the rest of this entry in Wall Street Jounal's Health Blog for January 9, 2008.... as well as the reader's comments.


13,431 Free/Low-Cost/Sliding-Scale Clinics

"Free and low cost clinics are community-based organizations that provide comprehensive primary and preventive care, including but not limited to medical, dental, vision, mental health, and other health-related services to uninsured or underinsured low-income residents. Depending on the clinic, fees may vary from free to low cost using a sliding fee scale based on income, regardless of age and ability to pay."

The website also has many other medical assistance related resources... including a link to Patient Assistant Programs for free and discounted medicines.

Find Your Nearest Drugstore or Retail Store Health or Wellness Clinic

CVS Minute Clinics "... We’re doing what we can to make health care a little easier for people with a lot going on. Our board-certified practitioners are trained to diagnose and treat all the stuff going around right now. And we offer health screenings and vaccinations to help you stay healthy all year round.

  • No appointment necessary
  • Open 7 days a week
  • Most insurance accepted

MinuteClinic offers a clear, straight-forward directory of the conditions we treat, along with an up-front list of their costs...."

Take Care Clinics These clinics are located in select Walgreens. "... From treatment for minor cuts and scrapes to adult vaccinations, we provide a wide range of healthcare services. We're here when you need relief from allergies or ear infections. And, because your long-term health is just as important as a temporary case of sinusitis, we're also here to provide health evaluations and adult vaccines, like those that help protect against tetanus and prevent shingles, to help you stay healthy.... If you have insurance, a one-time, easy copayment is required on the day you visit. If you do not have insurance, cash payments average just $59-$80...." CLICK HERE for a list of conditions treated.

Clinics at Walmart "... Independent health clinics are now offering healthcare services to our customers in select Walmart stores nationwide. These clinics provide one-stop convenience for many basic healthcare needs at affordable prices ... All clinics offer essential preventative and routine health services for a standard set of common health aliments and screening needs that can be performed without urgent or emergency care, including:

• Acne
• Bladder infections
• Blood sugar testing
• Camp and school physicals
• Cholesterol screening
• Common vaccinations
• Ear aches
• Flu
• Insect bites and stings
• Minor wounds
• Sinus infections
• Upper respiratory infections
• Wart removal

Here are a few ways clinics save you time and money:

  • No appointment is necessary to visit the clinics

  • Clinics are open seven days a week. View clinic locations and hours.

  • Patient data is electronic, which means limited time spent filling out forms and follow-up visits are quick and convenient

  • All prices are posted clearly, so you always know the cost before treatment

  • An average Get Well visit costs $65 or less. For additional pricing information, contact the clinic nearest you.

CLICK HERE for more information, including locations

Regional Walk In Clinics

Duane Reade Walkin Medical Care "... Access to affordable health care in New York is now as easy as walking into a Duane Reade store.  Our professional medical staff will take care of your common ailments, routine screenings, and minor injuries.  We're open extended hours, and no appointment is ever necessary..."


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