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The Donor Egg IVF process involves retrieving eggs from a suitable donor by passing a tiny "needle", guided by ultrasound, through the vagina into each ovarian follicle. This is a relatively painless procedure performed under light anesthesia. The eggs are then separated from the follicular fluid by an embryologist and are prepared for fertilization from sperm. This combining of prepared eggs with the sperm is referred to as the in vitro fertilization process. After a three to five day culture and incubation period, the resultant embryos are transferred to the recipient's uterus where they become implanted. The resulting fetus will have the genetic charactistics of the egg and sperm donors.

Some of the organizations who specialize in IVF Donor Egg Programs

The Genetics & IVF Institute Donor Egg IVF Program "... has provided patients from around the world with an extremely active, highly successful donor egg IVF program that has achieved one of the largest number of donor egg IVF pregnancies in the world...."

Huntington Reproductive Center California Donor Egg Program "... There are many reasons why a woman may not be able to use her own eggs including, premature ovarian failure, diminished ovarian reserve, her eggs may not fertilize and develop, advanced age, failed IVF cycles for unexplained reasons, and others.... Donor egg IVF may be the only hope for many of these infertile women who have suffered ovarian failure...."

The Egg Donor Program "... is the premier egg donation agency in the United States for solving female infertility by IVF donor egg treatment. Our Los Angeles based egg donor clinic has the most beautiful and accomplished donors in the country. Our egg donor center is also known for its extensive database of Superdonors, which includes hundreds of women from many diverse ethnic backgrounds..."


Infertility IVF Clinics

Infertility IVF Clinics "... contains a list of infertility IVF clinics helping patients in the United States and other countries. These clinics typically provide infertility testing and diagnosis, IVF, embryo freezing, donor egg, ICSI, and infertility surgery..." CLICK HERE for more information

The Fertility Network "... Find infertility specialists, fertility doctors, who perform advanced infertility treatment, like IVF, ICSI, PGD and other treatments..." "... is the leading resource and directory for patients seeking information on infertility treatment, fertility clinics and infertility specialists who provide infertility treatment options. Our free directory will help you find a fertility clinic or fertility doctor in your area that will be able to answer your questions and explore your infertility treatngment options...."


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