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How to Sell Your Eggs, Sperm, Blood Plasma & Hair for Cash
While helping others to achieve fertility, cover their baldness and survive trauma and burns. Surrogacy. Plasma donation. Egg and sperm donation for pay.

How to Get Cash for Your Eggs... Your Sperm ... Your Blood Plasma... Your Hair... and Even Being a Surrogate Mom... While Helping Others to Achieve Their Dreams of Getting Pregnant, Surviving Trauma and Burns, and Covering Bald and Thinning Hair

Selling Yourself for Cash... How Much Do You Get?
"... The human body is a living factory that can manufacture products that no laboratory can recreate. From kidneys to hair, to eggs, sperm and blood, many body parts can be sold through both legal and illegal avenues, and the dollar value increases with the amount of risk involved. For those who cash in, the body can be a source of income that can be tapped again and again. And for those in need of life-saving body parts, the global trade in organs opens a whole new visceral world of ethical and legal issues...." The article touches on surrogacy, egg and sperm donation, blood and plasma donation, and sellling your hair.

Cash for Egg Donors

To give you an idea of what donating human eggs involves, here are a couple of representative fertility clinics who compensate donors for their eggs. There are many others, so check with a fertility clinic database or registry for a fertility clinic near you. ".... Egg donation with Family Creation's is a rewarding process. Along with the appreciation and gratitude from your recipient's, our donors are rewarded with competitive compensation for fulfilling their donor responsibilities. Egg donation is a very safe and common procedure, performed every day throughout the United States. At Family Creations you will be working with a professional, friendly and compassionate staff with many years of experience in this field. Family Creations seeks prospective donors who are healthy, non-smoking women between the ages of 21 and 29. We accept applications from donors all over the United States. Once you have completed the online application form, you will be contacted with further instructions. Family Creations takes the time to talk with you and educate you about the donation process, so you know exactly what to expect!... Our donors are compensated $6,500.00 for their time and commitment to following through with their egg donor responsibilities. This fee increases by $500.00 upon each successful donation. Egg donors are able to donate up to six times...."

F. Williams Services for People with Diverse Ethnic Backgrounds "... Being an egg donor is in not an easy way to earn a good amount of money. While the compensation of $5000 for first time donors is generous, the process involves an extensive medical and mental examination along with the use of medications. The process of donating is a safe and common procedure, however, it does require a mature and devoted individual. It is our hope to find young women who understand the importance of being a donor and how their decision to donate will assist in helping a couple or single individual to become a parent.... For first time egg donors the compensation is $5000. Compensation for previous and/or proven egg donors can range from $6000-$10,000... The process of donation requires time, responsibility and most of all commitment and dedication. If you are chosen as a Donor, your husband or partner may be required to undergo blood test and you must abstain from relations during the entire process of the donation. Also, please review our donor’s timeline before applying to our services. Becoming a donor can be a wonderful experience, however, you should know exactly what it entails before you embark on this journey...." 

For more information about the in vitro fertilization process see also
Donor Egg IVF

Registries of Fertility Clinics

Attain Fertility® Centers ".... an IntegraMed specialty, is the nation’s largest fertility network, with over 40 practices, 130 locations and 180 Reproductive Endocrinologists in 34 states and the District of Columbia. Nearly one of every four IVF procedures in the U.S. is performed in an Attain Fertility Center..... Since 1983, egg donation has helped women who are unable to conceive with their own eggs, or have no ovaries, or have a history of genetic disease. Egg donors must be healthy and within a specific age range (usually between the ages of 21 and 34, but age requirements may vary by clinic.) The American Society for Reproductive Medicine sets standards and criteria for egg donation programs. The primary benefit to women who donate eggs is knowing that they have helped another woman achieve pregnancy. Egg Donors may be paid for their time and effort...." CLICK HERE for more information about egg donation.

SpermCenter ".... makes it as easy as possible to find the right sperm donor. We collect and maintain donor lists from sperm banks across the country and present them all in one place with handy search tools like our Donor Wizard and Advanced Donor Search....." Find a sperm bank near you.

College Students and Sperm Donors "... College students comprise 90 percent of American sperm donors. Why? They’re smart, cute and virile — everything a would-be mom wants.,,, Those who can make the time and the maximum donation, which usually means siring up to 10 children can net upward of $6,000 in one academic year.... Students at prestigious colleges are highly coveted sperm bank donors because they please picky customers.

California Cryobank only accepts donors who attend or have graduated from a “major four-year university.” Donors must also be tall, trim, heterosexual, between 19 and 34 years old, and able to provide flawless medical and genetic histories of their families. The five percent of applicants who make the cut are well rewarded: The SpermBrokerage, another major sperm bank chain, pays donors $100 per visit, plus a $1,000 bonus for every six months they stick with the program...." Cash for your sperm

Xytex Sperm Donor program (Atlanta and Augusta GA)

Northwest Andrology and Cryobank Spokane WA and Missoula MT

Of historic interest:
Cash for Human Eggs ...
For Model Good Looks

Ron Harris' Model Egg Auction and Model Sperm Auction Rules for Accepting Donors (as it was then called) once read   "....It is not our intention to suggest that we make a super society of only beautiful people. This site simply mirrors our current society, in that beauty usually goes to the highest bidder. There are of course many other attributes that impart an advantage in our increasingly competitive society:  intelligence, talent, personality and social skills. There is beauty in all life forms. We accept donors of all races, professional models and unknowns alike...."

Ronsangels Sell More Than a Pretty Face  "....Ron Harris's Web site designed to sell human eggs of supermodels to the wealthy. The price starts at $1500,but the price for the most beautiful, successful or popular can be as much as $150,000.

" 'Ron's Angels' is a representation of an extreme in the fast growing industry of egg harvesting for invitro fertilization. At the Northern Nevada Fertility Center, in Reno, "donors" receive $2,500 in compensation for successful egg retrieval. The price varies throughout the country, and can often as high as $5,000.

"It is the couples who purchase the eggs who keep the clinics profitable. At Egg Donation, Inc. of Beverly Hills, Calif., the cost of a single implantation is estimated at $6,500, excluding medical bills, doctor's fees, medications, and lab fees. With these additional costs, the price can reach up to $25,000...."

You can read more about the rather infamous Ron Harris by clicking here.


Get Paid to Be a Surrogate Mother

Being a surrogate involves carrying the fetus of another human being for nine months of pregancy, then surrendering it at birth. This can be an enormous benefit to a couple who have no other means of having a child. Compensation varies, but seems to average about $20,000 per successful pregnancy... with fees of as much as $35,000 for 'proven' surrogates noted.

Here are a couple of examples of such surrogacy programs. To find others, search in Google for "surrogate agency".

Fertility Miracles Surrogacy program. ".... By becoming a Gestational or Traditional Surrogate you will have the opportunity to help create a family. Fertility Miracles is looking for women, 21-38 years of age, non-smokers, who have had a positive pregnancy and delivery experience, recognize the need for a healthy lifestyle, and who have an amazing support system from their family and friends. Fertility Miracles offers two types of surrogacy programs to choose from. Gestational Surrogacy, the most common type of surrogacy, is where an egg from the Intended Parent or Donor is fertilized with the Intended Parents sperm, fertilization occurs and an embryo is then transferred into the uterus of the surrogate mother. Approximately 14 days after the transfer, the surrogate will undergo a blood pregnancy test, if pregnant, the surrogate then carries and gives birth to a child. In Traditional Surrogacy, the same pattern as Gestational Surrogacy applies, the only difference is that the Traditional Surrogate uses her own eggs to be fertilized with the Intended Parents sperm, a procedure called Artificial Insemination takes place depositing the specimen into the surrogates uterus. Again, 14 days later a blood pregnancy test will be taken to determine whether the surrogate mother is pregnant...." For California residents. Offers from $20,000 to $25,000 plus expenses and more (for proven surrogates).

See also:

Be a Surrogate Mother for Cash for some videos which provide an insight into the surrogacy process... plus an idea of pay.

Please Note:  
The following information is for informational purposes only.  We are NOT advising either for or against anyone donating plasma. Please be aware that there MAY be significant risks involved in SOME cases.

Cash for Plasma

There are over 400 for-profit plasma collection centers in the US who typically pay up to $35 per each donation, with a maximum number of donations of two per week. Plasma is the clear pale yellow component of the human blood which transports nutrients to the cells of the human body. It doesn't require blood typing and is used to treat trauma patients who have suffered shock or burns. You can locate a plasma collection center in your area by consulting your local yellow pages. It's important that you drink lots of water before and after donating. You must also avoid all illegal drugs and alcohol, and eat well balanced meals. gives information about donating plasma for cash, including several videos and a state by state listing of plasma collection centers

Sell Your Hair for Cash

According to the Irish Beauty Blog "... If you have long hair that’s never been, bleached, permed, tinted highlighted, chemically straightened or otherwise subjected to the demands of modern life, you could sell it for buckets of moola. Real hair is in huge demand for use as hair extensions, hairpieces and wigs. But it must be in fantastic condition, which unfortunately rules out most of the western world. But not everyone, as the users of have discovered. The girl.... sold her 25″ of hair on thehairtrader for $2,500..." Others have sold their hair for $500... $1000 and more.



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