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Get Paid to be a Surrogate Mother. Gestational Surrogacy.
Cash for Surrogacy. How to Be a Surrogate Mother for Cash. Make Money Being Pregnant for an Infertile Couple.

How to Be a Surrogate Mother for Cash While Helping Infertile Couples Have the Baby of Their Dreams.

Are you looking for a way to make money while at the same time helping infertile couples make their fondest dreams come true? Consider being a surrogate mother.

Infertility is an issue with which many couples who desparately want children must face. Sometimes their ONLY solution is to seek out and pay a surrogate to carry their wished for child for them..

We have compiled some information and some links to make it easy for you to find the kind of information you wil need in order to make an informed decision on whether being paid to be a surrogate mother is for you. "... Being a surrogate mother is the greatest gift you can give, and one for which you will be remembered as a valuable member of that family for generations to come..,"

Gestational Surrogacy Explained


"How Much Will I Make as a Surrogate Mother?" says: "... First-time gestational carriers receive on average a base fee of $25,000 if they have health insurance with maternity coverage and $22,500 without health insurance. Your social worker will discuss a suggested fee with you if you are unsure. She will also talk with you about the added fees you will receive: multiple pregnancy, caesarean section, travel allowance, maternity clothing, invasive procedures, transfer fee, signing bonus, monthly miscellaneous fees, etc...."

The Surrogacy Source ".. Surrogacy enables you to stay home with your children, reimbursement of living expenses starts at $27,000 for new surrogates to $37,500 for experienced surrogates, and you will meet others who have decided to become surrogate mothers also. As a three time surrogate mother myself, I can say that handing a baby to an infertile couple was the most empowering feeling I have ever experienced. Ultimately, becoming a surrogate allowed me to give “THE GIFT OF LIFE” ...."

Surrogacy Blogs and Social Media Pages

The Gift of Surrogacy Facebook Page "... Over the past five years, The Gift of Surrogacy has helped to grow more than 60 families from all over the United States...."


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