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Live Well for Less

Free and Cheap Travel
Travel Cheap by Exchanging Homes |Article: How to Travel for Free  | Cheap Las Vegas Restaurants  | Couch Surfing | Volunteer Travel | Alternative Participatory Travel

Tour Leaders Earn Trips and Cash
Travel for Free as a Tour Leader | Teachers Travel Free Leading Educational Trips | Travel Free as a Church Tour Leader | Travel Free and Earn Cash as a College Campus Rep | Free Trips to Israel |

Free and Cheap Entertainment
Free Music | Film Festivals | Free Online TV | Free Anime Movies Online | Free Documentary Films Online | Free Indie Film Festivals by Volunteering | Free Museum Admissions | Public Radio on the Internet |

Free and Low Cost Food
Dine for $10 or Less | Restaurants Where Kids Eat Cheap or Free | Freegans and Freeganism
| Bargain Gourmet | Edible Wild Plants and Foraging | Farmers Markets | Save On Groceries |

Free and Low Cost Plants
Free Plants | Free Plants: Air Layering

Free and Frugal Lifestyle
Dumpster Diving
| Ecovillages |
Freegans and Freeganism | Art and Artists Supplies from Recycled Materials | Free Books  | Free Music | Frugal Living

Bargains and Ways to Save Money
Save Money on Soap | Free Checking Accounts |
How to Make and Save Money Recycling | Edit Your Life: Simplify, Digitize, Share

Free and Frugal Health and Medical Care
Free and Low Cost Prescription Drugs | Drugstore/Retail Store Health & Wellness Clinics |
Free EFT Videos |

Energy Conservation, Green Energy
How to Make and Save Money Recycling

Education: Fun, Free, Distance, etc.
Learning is Fun and FREE! | Distance Learning, Online Education | Free Online Classes and Distance Education | Free Open CourseWare College | Science Toys |
Video Games as Educational Tools |



Earn or Raise Money

Cash in a Hurry
Cash for Eggs, Sperm, Plasma, Hair

Fun Jobs
Fun Jobs
| Movie Jobs | Free Trips and Cash as a High School Trip Organizer | Video Game Design | Video Game Design and Development Jobs | Join Street Team

Freelance Employment
Video Game Designers and Developers | Video Game Design and Development Jobs |
Get Paid Creating Flash Video Games | Learn How to Do Travel Writing

Win Money and Prizes
Contests of Skill |
How to Enter Indie Film Festivals |

Be an Entrepreneur
Cheap Classified Ads |
Peer to Peer Funding. Crowd Financing | Print on Demand | How to Make and Save Money Recycling | 3D Printing

Internet-Based Income
Cheap Classified Ads | Print on Demand | What is Cloud Computing? | Make Money Selling on eBay

Society and Culture

Amusements, Hobbies and Pastimes
Contests | Magic & Illusion | Science Toys |
Save Money on Amusement and Theme Parks |

Art, Artists and Artisans
Beatrice Wood | Felted Wool Clothing & Jewelry | Kinetic Sculpture, Mobile Art | Automata and Kinetic Toys | Wooden Mannequins | Electroformed Jewelry | Nick Cave Sound Suits

Green Living

New Science, Weird Science
Einstein & Relativity | Tesla | Toward a Theory of What UFOs Are... and How They Fly |
Velikovsky: Worlds in Collision


Market Place

eBay Sniper


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